The Happiness Award Event

In 2019, the Happiness Club started an initiative to host the "Happiness Award" to award individuals for their outstanding performances. The award is a very special initiative that is based on honoring and rewarding corporates and individuals who encourages efficiency and productivity in their work environment through creating an atmosphere of happiness where it’s not just an emotion, but a way of life. The awardees are selected from the Happiness Club affiliates based on thoughtfully chosen categories that qualifies them to have the award.


Best Happiness Initiative

The initiatives that an individual/corporates have made to spread happiness in their environment for work or society or any specific targeted community.

Purpose and Meaning

Inclusivity and Diversity


Holistic Approach

Most Consistent in Spreading Happiness

The individual/corporates should have shown a consistent pattern of spreading happiness through different occasions and form on long term.

Authenticity and Positivity

Motivational Influence

Thought fulness

Impact on Others

Customer Service

The individual/corporates have provided an excellent customer service that implemented happiness and satisfaction through their interaction with customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Swift Response

Following up Customer Cases

Resolving and Closing Cases



Total Awardees

The Happiness Award is given to individuals that have been nominated by their company's champion with regards to their contribution in the three categories of the award. Each nomination is reviewed by the Happiness Club team who are in charge of reviewing and selecting the awardees. The Happiness Awards recipients are essentially the reason for the bright smiles at their workplace or community.



Total Awardees

The President Select Award is the higher form of the Happiness Award and it’s where the president of the happiness club himself nominates corporates from outside their affiliates, and individuals from the general community to honor their efforts in spreading happiness within the same categories of the award.

All Companies Awarded


All Individuals Awarded